Word Balloon: Brian Reed on Ms. Marvel, Timestorm & More

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Ms. Marvel #38

In this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, Marvel writer Brian Reed checks in to talk about all the big changes in Ms. Marvel, and his two new projects, Timestorm 2099 and Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man.

Some quotes from the audio interview…

On Moonstone taking over the mantle as Ms Marvel:

“I think this question of ‘Who am I?’ comes from leading two lives…and now when you have bad guys playing good guys, it’s layers upon layers of itself. The first issue that focuses on her is the Government comes in and demands psych evaluations of the Dark Avengers to make sure they have the right people doing these jobs, so Norman wants to have a psychiatrist talk to a psychiatrist first. The whole story arc revolves around what make Karla Sofen the person she is…while writing it I realized we’re going to have an interesting dark storyline for awhile.”

On Timestorm 2099:

Timestorm 2099 #1

Timestorm 2099 is the present day Marvel slamming headlong into the future 2099 Marvel…these characters are still a lot of fun, but we’ve got to update it. All science fiction eventually shows its age. In the original run, The Pixel company sounded really cool in 1993…that’s the danger of writing science fiction, unless your name is Douglas Adams …I wanted it to be loyal, but I also wanted it to be new…the facts behind the story are all entirely new, we see names and designs we recognize …as we were talking about characters we wanted to give a spit polish to, to a man, all of us said we’re not touching (the look of ) the 2099 Spider-Man. We’ll be following the present day Spider-Man and Wolverine, but most of the New Avengers will be making cameos, as will some of the Dark Avengers.”

Cover to 'Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man #1'
Cover to 'Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man #1'
Sinister Spider-Man #1

On Sinister Spider-Man:

“This is a bad joke that I think has gone too far and someone approved it (laughs). Someone said this needs to be a Fractured Fairy Tale. This is a Spider-Man book, but starring Mac (Venom) Gargan, and [looks at] who would Peter Parker be if he didn’t have all the responsibilities, with all that power. Matt Fraction pointed out that I’m the first writer to have written the script line “Spider-Man is getting a lap dance.” (laughs) …When Norman first got them the job as Avengers he said, ‘None of you talk to the press, stick around the tower and behave.’ Well Mac said, ‘It’s not like there’s a bunch of Spider-Men out there you can replace me with, so I’m going to do what I want.’ So there’s a real animosity between him and Norman. Mac will be dealing with Norman, the city of New York, and something else he’ll have cooking.”

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