Listen To The Music of JAIME HERNANDEZ' LOVE & ROCKETS In New Fan-Made Mixtape

"Love & Rockets #24" cover by Jaime Hernandez
Credit: Jaime Hernandez (Fantagraphics)
Credit: Jaime Hernandez / Gabe Soria

Gabe Soria has compiled a real mixtape based on the various songs referenced in Jaime Hernandez' "Locas" stories over the first 50 issues of Love & Rockets. Soria, who writes music journalism in addition to his comic book work, said it came out of a re-read of the series and discovering how important music was.

"Music is one of my passions, and one day while flipping through some Locas stories it struck me how central music was to the experience of the characters," said Soria. "Or maybe central isn’t the right word – it was essential to their experience, from humming a song on the way to a job to going to a show to hanging out with some friends and listening to a record to cruising the strip in your car to watching TV. It’s all a part of the fabric of the lives of the characters, and it’s a testament to Jaime Hernandez’s storytelling abilities that each song that appears in the story feels natural and right."

While music from the fictional bands Jaime Hernandez created isn't available, Soria said in a way that's for the best.

"Perhaps it’s better this way, because we can all still have our own idea of how awesome/terrible both of those bands are," said the writer. "When we fill it in ourselves it kinda makes the music MORE powerful. Also, there were a couple of instances where characters sang songs of their own invention to themselves. What am I gonna do?"

For the complete tracklisting and more on how Soria compiled it, visit his Tumblr.

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