Panel from "Action Comics"
Credit: Adam Kubert (DC Comics)
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Transporter: The Series leading man Chris Vance has been cast in CBS' Supergirl as the Kryptonian villain Non, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In what's described as a recurring role, Non is a sinister Kryptonian military officer who in comic books and movies worked under General Zod. THR describes the character as "Supergirl's greatest threat."

Non was first introduced in 1978's Superman film as played by Jack O'Halloran. The character did not make his comic book debut until nearly 30 years later when Geoff Johns, Superman director Richard Donner and artist Adam Kubert told his origin story in Action Comics #845. It was revealed that Non was a friend of Superman's father Jor-El, but was lobotomized by the Kryptonian Science Council and became the more villainous character known now.

Supergirl debuts October 26 on CBS.

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