Verbinski Ditches Pirates for Bioshock

Verbinski Leaves Pirates for Bioshock

Sometimes a Big Daddy is more appealing than Captain Jack.

While it’s long been known that Pirates of the Carribean director Gore Verbinski would be tackling a film version of the Xbox 360 game Bioshockfor Universal, word has come that he will not be back for the recently announced Pirates 4. Instead, Verbinksi will move forward on Bioshock, this according to Variety.

The film version of the game’s acclaimed story is written by John Logan.

Other projects coming up for Verbinski include:

Rango, a CG-animated project for Paramount starring Johnny Depp as the lead, due for a March 2011 release (also based on a script by Logan); Clue, based on the Hasbro board game (the second time the game has been adapted, Tim Curry starred in the 1985 version); and a story based on an article from the Wall Street Journal “about the online fantasy role-playing world and its debilitating impact on the real lives of players,” according to the trade.

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