More WASP Concept Art, Rumored BLACK PANTHER Director Chooses Another Film, More

Concept art for the Wasp by Andy Park
Credit: Andy Park (Marvel Studios)

After the success of Straight Outta Compton, director F. Gary Gray was reportedly in contention for several major movies including Marvel's Black Panther. But today on Twitter the director revealed his next project is 2017's Fast & Furious 8.

Given the time needed for pre-production, filming and post-production, this would seemingly take him out of the running for Black Panther given the new, earlier release date Marvel announced Wednesday.

Credit: Andy Park (Marvel Studios)

New Concept Art from ANT-MAN For Wasp

Marvel Studios concept Andy Park is peeling back the curtain more on the design of the Wasp, as glimpsed briefly in this year's Ant-Man.

The former comic book artist revealed a full front and rear look at the costume design for Janet Van Dyne; Park designed all of it except for the helmet, which was done by Ryan Meinerding.

Take a look:

Credit: Andy Park (Marvel Studios)







Credit: Alex Maleev (Netflix/Marvel)

Netflix has revealed a new poster for its upcoming series Jessica Jones. Illustrated by Alex Maleev, the poster shows Jones and the business card for her P.I. company Alias Investigations.

It's interesting to note that the address is in fact a real New York address in Hell's Kitchen, although it looks quite different now than depicted in Daredevil.

Jessica Jones debuts November 20 on Netflix.

STAR WARS REBELS Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels begins October 14 on Disney XD, and Lucasfilm used the platform of New York Comic Con to debut a new three minute-plus trailer.

“Get a first look at new allies, new starships, new Inquisitors, and much more as the fight against the Empire continues,” reads the trailer description. Check it out here:

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