What Does 'Cartoon Network Cannot Confirm That a New JUSTICE LEAGUE Series Is In Development' Mean'?

The original Justice League Animated series by Timm & co.
Credit: Warner Bros Animation

Reports surfaced Tuesday that Cartoon Network Canada had confirmed the development of a new Justice League cartoon scheduled to hit airwaves in late 2016, with World's Finest Online, the site that broke the story, speculating that the title would be "Justice League Action."

However, Polygon was able to contact a representative of Cartoon Network who told them, "We cannot confirm that a new Justice League series is in development," before another Cartoon Network spokesperson added "Cartoon Network U.S. makes those announcements, not Cartoon Network Canada."

While on the surface that could be interpreted as there is not a new Justice League series in development, that technically isn't what the Cartoon Network source told Polygon. 

In an environment increasing concerned with official channels, what Cartoon Network U.S. actually stated is that they'd be the official channel to confirm a series, and they cannot do that. What isn't said directly is that there is not a series in development.

Given the introduction of the big screen Justice League in next March's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it would arguably rate a bigger surprise if Warner Bros. was not developing a new animated series as well. Newsarama is going to keep an eye out for a more definitive statement on whether a Justice League series is or is not in development.

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