GOTHAM Will Reveal JOKER's Origin

Still from 'Gotham' season 2Still from 'Gotham' season 2
Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

Fans have come to accept that Gotham's Jerome is the most likely candidate to become the show's Joker. Now, in the wake of a massacre of GCPD officers, that fate is closer than ever for the young criminal. Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller revealed in an interview with Nerdist that fans may not be so off-base about Jerome's future as the Joker.

“We’re going to be giving you concrete answers to his identity," said Heller. "That story is going to come to a huge and shocking resolution which will explain the whole Joker myth and how it began and how the Joker came to be.”

While the first season of Gotham showed several possible candidates to become Batman's future nemesis, Jerome quickly emerged as the frontrunner and the fan-favorite, giving way to his increased profile as part of Gotham season 2.

Gotham airs Monday nights on Fox.

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