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Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios' main product is feature films, with plans to do three per year starting in 2018 -- but that doesn't mean they're forgetting their smaller films. Last week during a press event, studio president Kevin Feige was asked about the company's short films projects, dubbed "Marvel One-Shots," that were released from 2011 to 2013 but then suspended. Although they haven't produced any beyond the original five, Feige said it's a big subject of discussion at Marvel Studios with several ideas already worked up.

“We talk about that a lot actually, because when you have tables like that (lots of potential storylines, most unexplored in the finished film), and we go, What are we going to do with Howard [the Duck]? What are we going to do with Cosmo? We should do a one shot with Michael Pena," said Feige, as reported by ScreenRant. "I mean, the universe is big. We’re moving up to three movies a year and I’m not sure how much beyond that we can go so the one shots are great for: ‘oh we have this great idea, wouldn’t it be fun to see…’"

"We talk about it a lot," he reiterated. "We’re a relatively small team. We’re comfortable doing three movies a year so it’s just about finding the time and the place. But we have a backlog of ideas.”

The five One-Shots released so far have been tied to home video releases of their big budget movies: The Consultant with Thor, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor's Hammer with Captain America: The First Avenger, Item 47 with The Avengers, Agent Carter with Iron Man 3, and All Hail The King with Thor: The Dark World. The Agent Carter project proved successful enough to greenlight a television series, and the others have added story elements to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the past, Feige and studio co-President Louis D'Esposito (who has directed some of the One-Shots) have mentioned ideas including ones for Loki, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Dum Dum Dugan.

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