"Damage Control #1" cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Cory Walker (Marvel Comics)

Marvel's Damage Control is coming to television as a half-hour comedy series as ABC has ordered a pilot, reports Deadline.

Damage Control is a cult-classic comic book from the '90's that follows a team of super-cleaners - people who repair the damage left in the after math of superhero battles. Although founded and run by Ann-Marie Hoag, it was interestingly enough originally co-owned by Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk -- two Marvel characters who have already made the successful transition from comic books to film and TV.

Ironically, co-creator Dwayne McDuffie described Damage Control as a "sitcom within the Marvel Universe" when he pitched it as a comic book series in the late 1980s.

ABC's Damage Control is reportedly being developed by Ben Karlin, a former executive producer for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Karlin will also script the series.

No information about a potential cast or release date was mentioned in Deadline's report.

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