Forget The DELOREAN -- Ride In A Classic Time Machine In THE ROOK #2 Preview

"The Rook #2" preview

Eerie's enigmatic hero returns -- with H.G. Wells' time machine no less -- in a preview of November's The Rook #2.

The Rook #2 (of 4)
Steven Grant (W), Paul Gulacy (A/Cover), and Jesus Aburto (C)
On sale Nov 18
FC, 32 pages
H. G. Wells’s The Time Machine never seemed so real to Restin Dane—especially since he’s living the experience! Thrust into a real-life science-fiction epic, Dane is forced to defend the gentle Eloi from the fearsome Morlocks in a battle for dominance!
• From comics masters Steven Grant and Paul Gulacy!
• The most popular series to ever be introduced in the pages of Eerie!

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