Warren Ellis on Dynamite's Complete Dracula

In his regular comics column in SFX magazine (latest issue at right), Warren Ellis devoted his entire space to the upcoming The Complete Dracula from Dynamite Entertainment.

Ellis' column reads:

Today I got hold of the first part of Leah Moore and John Reppion's Complete Dracula comic, released from Dynamite Comics in April. And it's very good.

It's notable in the first instance for resorting Bram Stoker's original structure. The original's first chapter, entitled, "Dracula's Guest", was excised from the book by Stoker's publisher, and only saw its first printing a couple of years after Stoker died. This is signal to Leah and John's intent - this is in fact the complete Dracula.

The second thing of note is that it's a direct adaptation. The novel, as I would hope many of you know, is told (as Leah and John noted in a recent interview) as "a big heap of diaries and letters". So their task was to, essentially, dramatise the documents, rather than extract from them the story and tell it in a standard manner. The depths of research in this thing, down to typewriter models and fonts, is quite stunning. But even more impressive is how Leah and John produce and incredibly visual script, absolutely alive with motion and atmosphere and terrific images. The excellent artwork of Colton Worley, which at times evokes early photography as put through the hauntological equivalent of crackle in a burial album, is more than up to capturing the script. I am in places reminded of Jon J Muth's magnificent comics adaption of Fritz Lang's M.

They're going to do the entire novel in five 32-page issues. Throw away your DVDs and videotapes now: this is the only adaptation of Dracula you'll ever need.

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Reprinted with permission of SFX.

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