"Legends of Tomorrow" trailer still
Credit: The CW
Arrow season 4 poster
Arrow season 4 poster
Credit: CW

Just how interconnected are the CW's DC superhero shows? Arrow star Stephen Amell feels that it's all one big show.

"It's basically one show. The universe now, as it exists, is basically one show," said Amell, during a Facebook live Q&A. 

Both Arrow and The Flash crossed over extensively in their last seasons, and more is planned in the new seasons -- in addition to Legends of Tomorrow acting as a midseason replacement while those shows are on hiatus.

Amell goes on to say that he's all for CBS's Supergirl also being connected to the CW's DC superhero shows, but admits that nothing is planned as far as he knows.

Speaking of his own show's new season, the actor reveals several highlights.

"Highlights from the season so far: The new suit’s really cool, the stunt sequences that we’re doing are bigger. I’ve really enjoyed the team aspect, and Oliver’s demeanor. The flashbacks, that we’ve kept completely secret, are really cool – that’s been a big highlight," saiid Amell. "The stuff with [David Ramsey] has been great, some really cool stuff with [Katie Cassidy]. Neal McDonough has been a wonderful addition, as has [Echo Kellum]. Our show is our show, but it's nice to have new elements every year!”

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