DC Teases Blackest Night #1 Cover Pencils

DC Teases Blackest Night #1 Cover

Blackest Night #1, pencils by Ivan Reis

At its spankin’ new blog, The Source, DC Comics has unveiled the cover pencils to Blackest Night #1, due in July.

The cover, by Ivan Reis shows scads of Black Lantern rings flying out, toward the reader. Reminiscent, perhaps of the Sinestro Corps rings finding their wearers at the beginning of the Sinestro Corps War?

And if you missed it, over the weekend, Newsarama summarized as much as we know now about the coming Blackest Night, including spin-offs, one shots, specials and more.

Stay tuned for more Blackest Night information as it starts to come at you in waves – as the DC Blog says, they’ve only begun to tease the miniseries.

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