EMMA STONE Swings Into Action With SPIDER-GWEN Fan Trailer

Still from 'Spider-Gwen' fan trailer
Still from 'Spider-Gwen' fan trailer
Credit: Vulture Remix

If you're a Spider-Gwen fan desperate for more of your favorite character, New York Magazine's latest Vulture Remix fan trailer might have exactly what you're looking for. This latest fan-trailer splices together scenes from Emma Stone's role as Gwen Stacy in Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2, along with clips and audio from her other films to create a fake Spider-Gwen movie teaser. Check it out:

While there are no plans for a Spider-Gwen movie at this time, Sony was still reportedly planing Spider-Man spin-offs including an unnamed, female-lead Spider-Man spin-off. But with Spider-Man proper being rebooted and inserted into the MCU in a film produced by Marvel Studios, we'll believe those plans when we see them.

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