Report: New LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Casting Reveals HAWKs Connection to VANDAL SAVAGE

Peter Francis James in 'Law & Order'
Peter Francis James in 'Law & Order'
Credit: NBC
Credit: The CW

CW's Legends of Tomorrow has added an original character to its line-up in the form of St. Roche University professor Dr. Aldus Boardman, according to ComicBook. Played by Peter Francis James, the character will reportedly debut in an episode of Arrow later this year before seguing to Legends of Tomorrow.

Dr. Boardman is said to be a scholar who knows the history of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and their connection to Legends of Tomorrow's primary antagonist, Vandal Savage. Boardman is described as the team's "only hope" of finding Vandal Savage, and is brought into the team's ranks when they learn of a secret he's keeping.

While Boardman doesn't come from comic books, St. Roche University has played a part in Hawkman's comic book lore. Actor Peter Francis James previously appeared in the film adaptation of the comic book The Losers.

Legends of Tomorrow premieres in 2016 on CW.

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