'Uncanny Inhumans' pencils and concept art

When Uncanny Inhumans launches in October, it will bring a host of new designs for its lead characters by artist Steve McNiven. McNiven redesigned the looks of several important Inhumans, including Black Bolt, Triton, and new addition Johnny Storm.

“I really wanted to tackle Black Bolt, try something new, maybe have the design look a bit more like the stuff the movie folks do,” McNiven said. “I had a chance to go down and visit the set of Captain America: Civil War— that’s another whole story right there!—and was floored by the level of detail and functionality that the designers accomplished! Absolutely amazing. So I tried in my own small way to reinterpret the Black Bolt costume going in that direction.”

“Johnny was another redesign challenge, trying to move away from the blues in the Fantastic Four,” McNiven said of his other major redesign. “Hopefully folks will like his new look! As far as drawing Johnny again, it’s been terrific! Johnny, and the FF were the first characters I ever drew for Marvel, way back in Marvel Knights Four and I absolutely love them. And Charles [Soule] is writing Johnny true to form here with so many great opportunities to draw Johnny in his prime.”

“Visually I have tried to stay close to the original designs whenever possible, and some of the stranger characters, like Triton, really seem to capture the outlandish nature of the Inhumans. But each look is more particular to the essence of the character rather than an overall uniform aesthetic that some groups of characters such as the Fantastic Four or occasionally the X-Men have had. So I stayed away from matching team style outfits or team emblems or such.”

Uncanny Inhumans #1 by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven hits shelves October 21.

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