SEX CRIMINALS Meets Hard Sci-Fi In ANIBAL 5 Preview

"Anibal 5" preview

Super-spies meet sc-fi in Alejandro Jodorowsky and Georges Bess' ANIBAL 5, which Humanoids is releasing in the U.S. for the first time on September 30.

Writer: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Artist: Georges Bess
The misadventures of a sex-addicted cyborg humorously subvert classic science fiction and super-spy tropes.
The European Defense Organization (EDO) is entrusted with protecting the Earth from cosmic terrorists bent on the destruction of humanity. Their key weapon: a sex-obsessed secret agent by the name of Anibal 5. As Anibal and the rest of EDO’s eclectic team battle evil dictators, nymphet clones, and a mysterious criminal syndicate, things turn inevitably, and irrevocably, delirious and erotic.

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