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Credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

"With great power must also come great responsibility," and according to Amazing Spider-Man artist Giuseppe Camuncoli, Peter Parker will soon have more "power" than ever.

The long-time Spider-Man artist is working with Dan Slott on the Amazing Spider-Man relaunch for "All-New All-Different Marvel," placing Peter Parker in a different kind of suit -- a tuxedo -- as a well-to-do businessman in charge of Parker Industries. Camuncoli, who goes by the nickname Cammo, describes the wall-crawler's new status quo as "Iron Man meets Batman Inc.," but with Parker charting his own unique path -- with two surprise bodyguards in tow.

With the series debuting October 7, Newsarama talked with Cammo about this new Amazing Spider-Man era, the new Spider-Man costume design, and how the friendly neighborhood hero is now calling the world his neighborhood.

Credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama: Cammo, you've worked on Spider-Man for years, but this new Amazing Spider-Man volume has a whole new status quo. How would you describe what you and Dan Slott are doing in this new volume?

Giuseppe Camuncoli: Well, after Superior Spider-Man, it's hard to describe anything as groundbreaking. But Amazing Spider-Man Volume 3 kind of is groundbreaking. Status quo aside (the whole "Iron Man meets Batman Inc." thing), Dan is taking Peter Parker and his whole world into a totally unexpected path. And the funny thing will be seeing Peter - who remains Peter Parker, no matter what - adjusting to that, and reacting to stuff happening to him in his own unique way. There's really few characters out there that could embody the essence of a hero more than Peter, and that will remain intact. Expect the unexpected… But at the same time, rest assured that everything that Peter will do will always answer to his core principle: "With great power must also come great responsibility.” And you'll get to know how great Peter's power is in the new book!

Nrama: Peter Parker is many things, but it's hard for some people to picture him as a jet-setting industrialist as he seems to be in charge of Parker Industries. How are you going about drawing Peter where he looks like a successful businessman but still is Peter Parker?

Camuncoli: In a suit? Jokes aside, Peter has been many things in his life, and this is somehow a new step, although it's the logical consequence of what Dan has been building in his run since "Big Time." Parker Industries are taking over the world, and they're doing it Peter's way: after all, Peter has always been an underdog genius in the Marvel Universe and I personally think it's cool to finally see his knowledge and abilities finally reaching their apex. And if this requires having to dress up to look like a businessman, well I say that it will be fun and unprecedented to see. The only touch that I'm using when drawing him in a suit, is having his hairdo slightly more done up than usual. Kinda like when Otto was in his body and mind during Superior Spider-Man, but with an attitude that's definitely less cocky.

Nrama: Speaking of suits, Spider-Man has a slightly modified suit. It seems much of the redesign comes down to coloring, but for you in drawing it what do you think about the Alex Ross redesign?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Camuncoli: I love it. It's an amazing mix of classic and modern, with an eye to John Romita Sr. (which I've always adored since I was a kid) and the other one to the future. Plus, it's a blast having him on covers as well, as I'm a big fan of his work since Marvels. I'd already had the pleasure of having Alex Ross doing covers for one of my books in the past (with the WildStorm miniseries Captain Atom: Armageddon back in 2006) and having him back on such an important relaunch is tremendous.

Nrama: The solicits say Parker Industries has offices in New York City, Shanghai, London and San Francisco.... but what about your home of Italy? Could you see Peter coming to Rome, Bologne, or somewhere else?

Camuncoli: Wait and see. This is still in the works, but I can just tell you that when talking about the European hub of Parker Industries with Dan and editor Nick Lowe, Italy was one the first options. I personally and humbly suggested that it made more sense to have the main hub in either England or Germany, since those would probably be the best choices in the real world. And I'm all for realism, even in cases like these where I could've easily said "Italy!". But there's definitely gonna be another hub placed in Italy. I love my country, same as almost everyone in the world does - so I guess that even a businessman like Peter couldn't have resisted opening up something over here.

Nrama: And this new series has a new dynamic, of Spider-Man being seen as Peter Parker's bodyguard. I know you don't want to spoil it, but what can you say about Peter Parker and his "bodyguard," Spider-Man?

Camuncoli: Well, Peter is actually gonna have at least two bodyguards, one being Mockingbird and the other one begin Spidey. I won't spoil anything, but the mystery of who or what is under that mask will be revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #1. Start guessing!

Credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: This series will also have a new Zodiac -- for your part, how has it being drawing them? Did you get an opportunity to do your own version of their costumes?

Camuncoli: Yep - all of them will be redesigned! I haven't done all of them yet, but I will be responsible for their new looks. And it's such a cool thing both as a creator and as a reader, especially when there's a guy like Scorpio among them! When Dan told me that his plan involved using the Zodiac, he mentioned that his idea was to try and have a version that could somehow be inspired by those great Gatchaman villain designs. And as a fan of that Japanese series, I couldn't be happier.

Nrama: Big picture, for long-time Amazing Spider-Man readers, what can you say about this new series that is different than what's come before?

Camuncoli: Well, Dan should be the one to actually take care of this question, but if I'm really to answer it, I could say that it's new because of what has happened before. Peter (and Spider-Man) is trying to change the world and make it a better place, and he's doing it “Worldwide”! For once, he's embracing his vision and he's trying to see if it works. This goes for Spidey as well, as his neighborhood definitely got bigger, and he'll try to watch over it the best that he can, with a little help from his friends: Miles Morales, the S.H.I.E.L.D. and everyone else you'll see in this and the other Spider-books. It's gonna be a glorious ride, please buckle your seat belts if you wanna come along!

Credit: Giuseppe Camuncoli (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: With all the change, there’s still many classic elements. For you, what's the core of the book that’ll never change?

Camuncoli: Dan really knows the character, his world and his essence very well, and he's trying to do something new and unique but always remembering what he has gone through, and who he is. And we're leading him in an “All-New All-Different” direction, but his essence, his drive, though, will be the same: that of the quintessential hero. Maybe, the world's greatest hero! And he might have gone "Worldwide,” but he's neither Tony Stark nor Bruce Wayne. He's Peter Parker, like it or not. "Old Parker luck" included!

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