Can Actors Play Two Different MARVEL Roles? FEIGE Says Yes, According To THOR Actor

Thor: The Dark World
Credit: Marvel Studios
Fandral in 'Thor: The Dark World'
Fandral in 'Thor: The Dark World'
Credit: Marvel Studios

According to some Marvel stars such as Paul Bettany, Marvel Studios has a rule about its actors taking on multiple roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - the rule being, it's a no-no. But Thor: The Dark World actor Zachary Levi says he's gotten the greenlight to break that very rule.

In an interview with Den Of Geek, Levi spoke about his role as Fandral in Thor: The Dark World, a part he took on when original actor Josh Dallas was unable to appear in the Thor sequel. 

“It’d be a lot of fun [to appear in another Marvel movie], but there’s also a lot of other Marvel roles that I’d love to play one day," said Levi. "If I never get to play Fandral again, I got to do it once and it was a great group to work with.”

When pressed to clarify his comments on taking other roles, Levi claimed Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige himself told him taking on another Marvel role was still on the table.

“I had a very interesting talk with Kevin Feige early on about it all and he said, ‘Look, it doesn’t preclude you from playing another Marvel character.’ Chris Evans was the Human Torch and Captain America. Ray Stevenson was the Punisher and Volstagg.”

Many major Marvel stars - such as the aforementioned Chris Evans - have Multiple Superhero Disorder, having played different superheroes for other studios and other cinematic universes, but no one has yet played two different major Marvel Studios characters.

“I did point out to him, ‘In fairness, neither Fantastic Four nor The Punisher was actually a Marvel movie. You were a part of it but they were produced by other studios.’ But he said, ‘Look, I totally understand that but don’t worry about it.’ I don’t know, if there’s a right role that comes along and they want me to play it, I’d love to.”

If accurate, this isn't the first time Feige has made similar comments. The Marvel Studios President has said before that the studio would love to find another role for Vin Diesel in addition voicing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Despite the "rule", several bit actors have made the jump to other supporting roles. Laura Haddock, who played Star-Lord's mother in Guardians of the Galaxy, previously appeared as a bit actor in Captain America, while Enver Gjokaj of Agent Carter made his first MCU appearance as a police officer in Avengers. Twin actresses Imogen and Isabella Poynton also pulled double duty, playing Corpsman Dey's pink-skinned daughter in Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as Hawkeye's daughter Lila Barton in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Right now however, Levi isn't sure when he'll appear in another Marvel movie -- as a new character or even reprising his role as Fandral, such as in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

“I have no idea. They have not told me anything,” said Levi. “I hope so. I think that’d be pretty fun to get the gang back together, the Warriors Three. But there’s a reason why the movie’s called Thor and not The Warriors Three. They’ve got to do what’s right for Thor.”

Thor: Ragnarok is set for a November 3, 2017 release.

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