FIRST LOOK - Philip Tan Green Lantern Corps Spread

1ST LOOK - Philip Tan GL Corps Spread

Upcoming Green Lantern artist Phillip Tan has been providing Newsarama with looks at his  Orange Lantern designs over the past couple of months, but what about the title's titular hero(es)?

Glad you asked. Tan provided us with a spread of the Green Lantern Corps from Green Lantern #40, due in comic book shops in May. Click on it for a larger version.

Philip Tan two-page spread from 'Green Lantern #40'
Philip Tan two-page spread from 'Green Lantern #40'
Philip Tan two-page spread from 'Green Lantern #40'

"There are a lot of two-page spreads in issue #39, but this is the first time I got to draw all the Green Lanterns," Tan said of the image.  "It's the one where I finally got to draw that classic image of the Green Lanterns and everyone together on a spread.

"Hal is the centerpiece, obviously, and you try to give your audience something exciting visually when drawing him. So I just worked with him as the focal point and went from there. These were really fun pages to draw and work on. It's the fan in me that really wanted to draw these Lanterns and make this work with what Geoff [Johns] was trying to achieve in the story."

"Agent Orange" the story arc that Tan is illustrating begins in next week's Green Lantern #39.

Check back later Friday for more of Tan's Orange Lanterns

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