POLL: Will Pirated Copies of Fox's WOLVERINE Affect You?

POLL: Pirated WOLVERINE and You?

Over the last couple of days the media is giving a lot of attention to the apparently leaked version of 20th Century Fox's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, scheduled to open in theaters May 1st. Finding its way onto bit torrent downloading sites (and subsequently street vendors) an unprecedented month before its official release, much of the focus of the story has been on the potential impact the pirated versions of the film will have on its theatrical box office fortunes.

While the film has been estimated to already have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, if successfully curbed numbers like these would likely only have a minor impact on box office receipts. But perhaps less quantifiable will be its effect on "buzz" factor. Could early reviews on fan sites based on the pirated copy (and Wolverine so far has gotten a fair share of mixed to negative reviews) have a negative impact on moviegoer enthusiasm and intent?

Newsarama wants to see if we can read (or at least approximate) the pulse of one of the film's most coveted demographic – comic book fans – on this issue.

While trying to measure the opinions or likely responses of individuals through short poll options is always an imperfect science, we're going to ask you to choose the option that most closely summarizes or approximates your position on this issue – namely will this illegal leak likely impact your decision to see the film in theaters in any way?

As always, all Newsarama readers can participate in the poll [which is just below]. Here is your chance to weigh in on one of the most important issues the entertainment industry faces for the foreseeable future…

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