"Rocket Raccoon & Groot #1" cover by Skottie Young
Credit: Skottie Young (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Skottie Young (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has announced Rocket Raccoon and Groot, a new ongoing series pairing the Guardians of the Galaxy alums as a team. The series will be done by the writer and artist of the recent Rocket Raccoon series, Skottie Young and Filipe Andrade, and Marvel has described this as a continuation of that series but with a new #1.

Series editor Jake Thomas said the first arc takes its inspiration from some surprisingly serious places: the film Memento and the television series Prison Break.

"Rocket Raccoon is a Big Bad Crime Lord, who is running a crime empire but has no memory of who he is or where he came from,” said the editor of the first arc. “Groot will have a bunch of crazy symbols carved into his bark like tattoos that are clues to who Rocket is and what happened to him to turn him into this.”

Young explained that Rocket Racoon & Groot will follow much of the same formula as Rocket Raccoon with short one- and two-issue arcs.

“The first time around, I started Rocket Raccoon out with a four-issue story arc; I enjoyed doing that but also felt antsy to tell more stories,” said Young. “So after I finished the original story arc, I start writing more one and two-shots. I loved diving into new tales with each issue and really letting Rocket have some fun out in the galaxy. This time around, I’ll be sticking with that formula the whole time—really just leaning into the shorter stories. I think this helps our book stay open for new readers, offers something a bit different than the other longer arc books from Marvel and will let me give Filipe a ton of different fun things to draw. We all win!"

Rocket Raccoon and Groot is scheduled to debut in December.

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