MARK MILLAR Auctioning off Store Signing for JUPITER'S CIRCLE

Jupiter's Circle #1 preview
Credit: Image Comics
Credit: Frank Quitely (Image Comics)

The collected edition of Jupiter's Circle is out in October, and for that Mark Millar is once again auctioning off a store signing anywhere in the world. The Scottish writer will to a signing at whichever retailer pre-orders the highest number of Jupiter's Circle trade paperbacks. The deadline for stores to place orders is September 14.

“The last time I auctioned myself off for a book launch was the best signing I’ve ever done. It was in Manila for Supercrooks and we had over 1000 lovely people show up and blocked off a shopping mall," said Millar. "I’m really into the idea of going somewhere equally unexpected this time and will be paying all my own flights and expenses so you might as well make it as expensive as possible for me."

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