C3PO Gets Solo Title -- With STARMAN's ROBINSON & HARRIS

"Star Wars: C3PO" cover by Tony Harris
Credit: Tony Harris (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Tony Harris (Marvel Comics)

Lucasfilm has announced another new title in Marvel's Star Wars line: C3PO. The one-shot title is set after Return of the Jedi in the umbrella of the various "Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens." Set for release in December, C3PO will be written by the award-winning Starman team of James Robinson and Tony Harris.

C3PO will focus on the details of the red left arm seen on the protocol droid in artwork and set photos from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

"That’s a really exciting part of doing this story," Robinson said in the announcement. "I saw a photo of C-3PO with his red arm the other day and I thought 'Wow, I’m the writer who gets to explain that.'"

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