UPDATED: MARVEL Gets EXTREME For December '92' Variant Cover Theme

Marvel '92 variant covers

Marvel is getting extreme for its themed variant covers in the month of December. Marvel '92 is the name of the publisher's December variants theme, harkening back to a pivotal moment in comic books and the world at large.

“The X-Men aren’t the only ones getting in on the ‘92 action,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “Witnessing that memorable era of comics brought to life again got us thinking about all the fun incarnations of Marvel’s most popular characters. Before we knew it we had a huge list of 1990s characters ready to make their 2015 debut!”

Newsarama has the first look at All-New Wolverine #3 by Tom Raney, Carnage #3 by Mike Deodato, Drax #2 by Ron Lim, Spider-Man 2099 #4 by Pasqual Ferry, Mighty Thor #2 by Ron Frenz, and Totally Awesome Hulk #1 by Dale Keown, along with compiled covers for Deadpool #3 by Rob Liefeld, Doctor Strange #3 by Mark Texeira, Guardians of the Galaxy #3 by Larry Stroman, Guardians of Infinity #1 by Ron Lim, Daredevil #1 by Larry Stroman,Nova #2 by Pasqual Ferry, Uncanny Inhumans #3 by Whilce Portacio, Ms. Marvel #2 by J. Scott Campbell, Web Warriors #2 by Mark Bagley, Black Knight #2 by Steve Epting, Scarlet Witch #1 by Tom Raney, Hercules #2 by Mark Texeira, Silk #2 by Mark Bagley, Uncanny Avengers #3 by Whilce Portacio,and Vision #2 by Dale Keown.

Three other variant covers announced are All-New X-Men #3 by Rob Liefeld, A-Force #1 by J. Scott Campbell, and New Avengers #4 by Tom Raney.

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