Report: DAREDEVIL Casts NYC District Attorney BLAKE TOWER

Blake Tower by John Byrne
Credit: John Byrne (Marvel Comics)
Credit: HBO

Actor Stephen Rider has been hired to play New York City District Attorney Blake Tower in the new season of Daredevil, according to Deadline. Rider, who co-starred in the award-winning film Lee Daniels' The Butler, will reportedly be a regular for the Marvel/Netflix show's second season, and will be an ally for Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox).

In comic books, Blake Tower had much the same role. As a NYC D.A., Tower had a good working relationship with Captain America, Daredevil, She-Hulk, and Misty Knight. For a time, the former Blonde Phantom, Louise Mason, worked for Mason as a legal secretary, and even opened the door for She-Hulk to work for him as an attorney for a time.

Daredevil is currently filming its second season, and is expected to air sometime in 2016.

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