Report: MARVEL STUDIOS' Split Over CIVIL WAR Budget & Restrictive Demands

"Civil War #3" preview
Credit: Marvel Comics

The shift of Marvel's film division outside the auspices of Marvel Entertainment is due to budgets and restrictions, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Hollywood trade cites several unnamed sources whom state that the growing budget of Captain America: Civil War became an issue, with Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac "Ike" Perlmutter and the New York-based Marvel Creative Committee both coming down on Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios President, to rein in costs. Feige's resistance was so much that he talked openly of quitting the company, according to these reports, before Disney CEO Bob Iger stepped in to oversee the reorganization that was revealed earlier this week.

Marvel's famously thrifty spending habits could loosen up in regards to film actors and directors under this reorganization, some of THR's sources say.

THR goes on to state that the Marvel Creative Committee will continue to work inside the company, but its influence over Marvel films will be "nominal" in favor of broader control by Feige. The Creative Committee, which includes Marvel CCO Joe Quesada, publisher Dan Buckley, and president Alan Fine, will reportedly continue to oversee other divisions such as television, animation, merchandising and publishing.

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