Latest TOTALLY AWESOME HULK Teaser Is Hair-Raising

"Totally Awesome Hulk" teaser
Credit: Frank Cho (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Frank Cho (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has released yet another teaser for the mystery identity of the new Hulk in this fall's Totally Awesome Hulk. Whereas previous ones seemed fairly obvious as to whom the publisher was alluding to, this new one is a mystery.

Both X-Force alums Shatterstar and Gideon have had over-the-top ponytails such as in this image, with Shatterstar even having a headdress similiar to this at one point. But the Mojoworld vet lost both in the recent X-Factor series.

Another possibility -- and someone with the affinity for green -- is Loki. The Asgardian demi-god has had many looks over the years, and while his ponytail days have come and gone, he remains a possibility. And being a trickster, these kind of teasers are something he'd pull.

Series writer Greg Pak has said that the identity will be revealed in December's Totally Awesome Hulk #1, but who do you think they're teasing as the Hulk here?

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