Guess Who's Hinted as TOTALLY AWESOME HULK Now?

"Who is the Totally Awesome Hulk?" teaser
Credit: Frank Cho (Marvel Comics)

Odinson may not be worthy enough to be Thor, but is he worthy enough to be the Hulk?

Credit: Frank Cho (Marvel Comics)

That appears to be what Marvel is alluding to in yet another teaser for the upcoming Totally Awesome Hulk series. This image isn't new, however -- Marvel showed it at July's Comic-Con International: San Diego during the "Cup O' Joe" panel.

Like the other teasers, this one tweaks the blacked-out head of the mystery Hulk, in this case to have long hair and a helmet like the one Odinson wore as Thor. Odinson is currently pegged to appear as a supporting character in The Mighty Thor now starring Jane Foster as Thor, but it's possible he could moonlight as the Hulk.

Or, Marvel could just be having some fun teasing the identity to drum up interest in the series ahead of it's December launch.

We've made our educated guess on who the "Totally Awesome" Hulk will be, but what do you think?

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