Is Latest TOTALLY AWESOME HULK Tease A Founding Avenger?

"Who Is The Hulk?" teaser #3
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has unveiled yet another teaser image for the identity of "All-New All-Different Marvel"'s new Hulk. After teasing what appeared to be Thor and Iron Fist, this new image -- again, a variant on Frank Cho's original -- teases someone with a beard and long hair.

Beards are back in fashion, but in Marvel lore there's only a few current characters who sport beards and long hair. The former Thor Odison is a possible choice, as is Maestro.

Maestro would be an interesting choice, but seemingly wrong for several reasons. One, both Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso and writer Greg Pak have said that the "Totally Awesome" Hulk hasn't been a Hulk before. Two, long-time fans will remember that Maestro is a future version of Bruce Banner, whom Alonso and Pak have also said that this new Hulk won't be. And three, Maestro as seen currently in Future Imperfect and the covers to the upcoming Contest of Champions doesn't have hair this long.

Then again, being a Hulk does strange things with hair -- just ask Thunderbolt Ross' mustache when he turns into the Red Hulk.

Who do you think Marvel is hinting at with this latest Totally Awesome Hulk teaser? And who do you think the new Hulk will actually be?

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