POLL: Who is Your Favorite Flash?

Replacement Heroes: The Flash

To mark the return of Barry Allen to the DC Universe in this week's The Flash: Rebirth, we've looked at most of the characters that have carried on the Flash legacy over the years, and some pros have shared with us their favorite Flash stories. But now that Barry is back (and apparently Bart Allen too for that matter) and the DCU now has an abundance of Flashes to call upon, we want to know which is your favorite.

That's right, in our latest poll, the question is a decidedly simple one - who's your favorite Flash - Barry, Wally West, Jay Garrick, or Bart.

We realize this will probably turn into a two horse race, but it will be interesting to see the percentages for all the major characters who have donned the lightning bolt (with apologies to Jesse Quick) over the years.

And if you like, stick around and discuss your pick with your fellow comic book fans...

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