ARROW Co-Showrunner Hints At GREEN LANTERN For Season 4

Green Arrow and Green Lantern
Credit: DC Comics

Arrow co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim has been fairly vocal about the likelihood - or lack thereof - that a Green Lantern could appear on Arrow. Despite hints and Easter eggs that reference Hal Jordan and his ring-slinging alter ego, Guggenheim has maintained that managing to include the character on the show is "doubtful."

However, this morning, Guggenheim made Green Lantern fans' spider-sense tingle when he tweeted a Coast City travel advertisement which used part of the Green Lantern oath, along with the caption "Production art for Arrow season 4."

Of course, this doesn't mean that Green Lantern is headed to Arrow. It could be a tease, or simply another Easter egg capitalizing on Green Arrow and Green Lantern's relationship. Fans will likely find out some time this season of Arrow, which premieres October 7 on CW.

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