SPIDER-MAN 2099 No More? New Ongoing Starts With MIGUEL O'HARA Hanging Up His Suit

Marvel Comics November 2015 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

After Secret Wars, Marvel's main universe is finding itself with more Spider-Men than ever, and one of those sees it as a reason to quit.

On October 14, Peter David and Will Sliney relaunch their Spider-Man 2099 series but with their title character and the Marvel universe drastically changed. After Secret Wars and the eight month gap leading into "All-New All-Different Marvel," Miguel O'Hara is happily employed with Parker Industries and his hero work expendable with multiple Spider-Men on the scene.

But what's a superhero series without its title superhero? And what does that mean for the new Spider-Man 2099 costume designed by Kris Anka? Newsarama talked to David to find out.

Credit: Will Sliney (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama: Peter, what’s it like to be on your third Spider-Man 2099 #1?

Peter David: Very exciting. Honestly, I'm still recovering from the previous endeavor. When former Marvel editor Steve Wacker first mentioned it, my email box lit up with inquiries from fans asking if I'd be writing it. And I told everyone that no, I wouldn't be writing it. And then I got a call from editor Ellie Pyle not only inviting me on, but giving me an insane deadline. So I just threw myself onto the book with no real game plan. I'm glad I've had time to really think about where the book will be going and plan accordingly.

Nrama: And now here we are, relaunching the series into "All-New All-Different Marvel. "With this series being post-Secret Wars, post-Secret Wars 2099 and post- everything else, what is going on in the life of Miguel O’Hara?

Credit: Will Sliney (Marvel Comics)

David: Miguel will now be working for Peter Parker and Parker Industries. His relationship with Tempest is great. He is, for the first time in a while, happy.

Nrama: Happy enough to hang up his tights, according to solicitations. Why?

David: Because the world already has several Spider-Men running around. He figures that one less won't make any difference. Not to mention all the other superheroes that exist. He just doesn't believe that there's any need for him to put on a costume and risk his life.

Credit: Will Sliney (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: It might be a boring superhero series without a superhero; can you say what pulls him back in without spoiling too much?

David: I can't, no. Sorry.

Nrama: Understood, but I had to ask.

One of the most notable things coming out of this relaunch is a new costume for 2099’s Spider-Man. Can you tell us your part in the decision and crafting of the ne costume?

Credit: Marvel Comics

David: I love his old costume. I helped design it. But the editors felt that it made sense for Peter to help develop something more formidable for Miguel and I can see the logic there. And I like what Kris Anka came up with.

Nrama: What other superheroes or villains will we see in the new series?

David: Captain America 2099 will be back. New villains will be showing up. Beyond that, don't wanna tell you.

Nrama: Will things you’ve done with Secret Wars 2099 inform the new Spider-Man 2099 series?

David: Yes.

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