SUPERMAN #43 Shows How His Secret Identity Was Revealed - SPOILERS

Panels from "Superman #43"
Credit: John Romita Jr. (DC Comics)
Superman #43
Superman #43
Credit: DC Comics

[Spoilers for Superman #43]

In DC's Free Comic Book Day title Divergence, Superman's secret identity was secret no more, and now the details on how and why it happened are revealed.

In this week's Superman #43 by writer Gene Luen Yang and artist John Romita, Jr., readers found out that Lois Lane is the one who made Superman's secret life as Clark Kent public -- but only to save him.

After the villain HORDR became aware of Superman's secret identity, he began using the threat of revealing it to the public as a way to control the Man of Steel. In this week's new issue, he had set Superman up to use his new "Super Flare" power and absorb those energies by robots who could store that energy called Quarmers.

Although at first Superman balked at giving that kind of power over, HORDR reminded the Man of Steel how the fallout from the reveal wouldn't just damage him, but his friends too.

Credit: John Romita Jr. (DC Comics)


Superman relents and begins his "Solar Flare", feeding his energy to the attending Quarmers. But Lois, who had snuck into HORDR's facility, begged him to stop.

"Superman! Can you hear me?!" said Lane. "Don't let them do this to you!"

With the Man of Steel continuing to follow HORDR's wishes, Lane took it unto herself to neutralize the threat by sending out a photo of Clark Kent transitioning into being Superman herself to the world.

Credit: John Romita Jr. (DC Comics)

"Superman... Clark. Listen to me. I did it. Just now. I told the world -- about HORDR, but also about you. They don't have anything on you anymore. You're free."

With that, Superman ended his "Super Flare" early and broke free of his restraints. After destroying the Quarmers who were filled with his powers, he confronted Lois.

"Why, Lois?! You had no right! I would have figured it out!," Superman yelled at her.

Lane attempted to calm him down, and reassured him that they would "get through this together," but Superman refused that option.

Credit: John Romita Jr. (DC Comics)

Their conversation is interrupted by a U.S. military helicopter coming in overhead, with Lois's father General Sam Lane on board threatening the Man of Steel with "kryptonite-loaded armaments" if he doesn't surrender immediately.

Clark flees, telling Lois that he doesn't want her in his life -- neither as Superman or Clark Kent.

Next month's issue is then teased with the title of "Fall Out." Will HORDR's warning come true? Solicitations for Superman #44 ominously tease read, "The Daily Planet and its staff may be the first casualties of Clark's identity being revealed!"

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