GOTHAM Actor & Trailer Tease Introduction of THE JOKER & BATMAN

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Speaking at Wizard World Chicago (as reported by ComicBook), Gotham star Ben McKenzie dropped some hints about when - or if - fans could expect to see Batman, or even other DC characters like Superman, on the show.

Comparing Gotham to Smallville in its build towards seeing Bruce don the mantle of the bat, McKenzie said "In the very last frame of the very last scene of the very last episode of the very last season of Gotham, whenever that turns out to be, that's when we'll see Bruce Wayne put on the cape and cowl.”

However, when it comes to seeing Superman - or any other DC heroes - flying around Gotham, fans shouldn't hold out much hope.

"We're mainly focused on the world of Batman and Gotham," McKenzie told a fan. "So we don't cross over into Superman. We do pull deeply from the canon. We have access to every single character in the world of Gotham."

McKenzie further distances the idea of Superman appearing in Gotham, as well as any superpowered individuals, saying that super powers don't exist in their show's universe.

"Nobody actually has super powers in our world. There's gravity. People can't fly, they can't see through walls, they can't do things like that. It's important that when you create a world, you have rules."

Finally, a new promo for Gotham season 2 has made its way online, featuring a closer look at several villains, including a spotlight on "Jerome," who has been openly teased by Fox as the show's Joker.

Gotham season 2 premieres September 21 on Fox.

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