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DC's Legends of Tomorrow is already planned to be chocked full of superheroes and villains, but you can now add one more that was previously thought just to be a guest star: Hawkman. In an interview with DC Legends TV, one of the show's executive producers, Phil Klemmer, revealed that Hawkman (played by Falk Hentschel) would be in every episode, as well as the crossovers with The Flash and Arrow. But fans of Hawkgirl needn't worry says Klemmer, as sharing the screen with Hawkman won't take away from Ciara Renée at all

"It doesn’t, because the way we’ve imagined them is that they’ve obviously been reincarnated through the ages together, but the fact that he remembers their previous lives and she doesn’t… it gives them very much like a Bogie & Bacall sort of [relationship]."

When asked if they're basing it off Geoff Johns' run with the characters in both Hawkman and JSA series, Klemmer acknowledges the influence.

"Yeah. Exactly! They’re constantly fighting, and the fact that they’re destined to be in love is something that seems impossible to her," said Klemmer. "That’s the kind of sentimentality that we really strive to avoid on this show. The fact that they’re going to be together someday, we try desperately at every moment to disprove that, this is going to be the one time that they decide to, like, shoot each other in the face."

When asked if DC's Legends of Tomorrow will have any romance like other CW shows, Klemmer says yes -- but it won't be a "romance show," per se.

Credit: The CW

"Absolutely. I mean, there’ll be more sex than romance, but eventually, there’s the possibility of romance," said Klemmer. "It’s not a sentimental show; I mean, the fact that we are traveling through time and people are doing something as emotionally fraught as getting to examine their own past… the way that you leaven that is with humor and irony and irreverence. So, it definitely isn’t a romantic show… which isn’t to say that it can’t be earnest at moments, but I think it’s going to be a good bit funnier and filled with irreverence… it’s wry, and it’s adult."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is scheduled to debut as a midseason replacement, but the storyline will begin in tie-in episodes of The Flash and Arrow in late 2015.

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