Join The 'Skwad': SUICIDE SQUAD Actors Tattoo Each Other

Still from "Suicide Squad" trailer
Credit: Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has tweeted a behind-the-scenes photo of Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie tattooing someone - presumably another castmember.

In what appears to be a bonding exercise for the various castmembers, Robbie tattooed the word "skwad" on an unidentified arm. She's not the first to get into the act - yesterday, Joel Kinnaman posted a photo of his co-star Will Smith giving him the same "skwad" tattoo on his Instagram.

Tattoos seem to be a theme for Suicide Squad, with Jared Leto's Joker notoriously sporting an extensive collection of ink. As a bonus, here's a shot of the sign for Harley's "tattoo parler."

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 6, 2016.

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