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TVLine reports that Pan star Levi Miller has been cast as Carter Grant, the son of Calista Flockhart's Cat Grant on CBS's upcoming Supergirl.

Miller is a veteran of working with Supergirl producer Greg Berlanti, who also produced Pan

“He’s an exceptional young actor and a part of the Berlanti Productions family, “ said Berlanti. “It will be fun for audiences, who we know will fall in love with him as Peter in Pan on October 9, to see his range with his turn as Calista Flockhart’s American son.”

According to the report, Miller's Carter Grant is "sensitive and shy" and "couldn't be more different from his mom," but will bond with Kara over his love of Supergirl.

TVLine makes is a point to distinguish the new Carter Grant character from another character, Adam Grant, who in comic books was the young son of Cat Grant. That character, like Supergirl's description of Carter, had a fascination with a hero with Super- in their name: in that case, Superboy. That character was murdered in comic books by Toyman, a villain that was previously cast in Supergirl to be played by Jeremy Jordan.

Supergirl premieres October 26 on CBS.

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