Report: GOTHAM Casts a Female FIREFLY

Credit: DC Comics

TVLine reports that the long-time DC super-villain Firefly is coming to Fox's Gotham, as part of the recently revealed gang of arsonists. Michelle Veintimilla will play Firefly, a.ka. Bridget Pike, in at least two episodes this fall according to TV Line.

This is a bit of a twist for the Firefly character, as both itterations in comic books are male -- Garfield Lynns and Ted Carson. Originally created by France Herron and Dick Sprang in 1952's Detective Comics #184, Firefly is a long-time foe of Batman and associated heroes.

In Gotham, the new Firefly is described by TVLine as a reluctant villain, forced into her family's predeliction for arsonry. She'll reportedly come into contact with the show's Selina Kyle (played by Camren Bicondava), although a twist will have her defaulting back to her family's evil ways.

The new season of Gotham debuts September 21.

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