BARB WIRE Has A Bad Day In Preview of September's #3!

"Barb Wire #3" preview

Dark Horse's bounty hunter Barb Wire is back -- and on the run -- in a preview of September 2's Barb Wire #3.

"Your death will be swift, though not painless!"—Wyvern Stormblüd
Barb Wire #3
Chris Warner (W), Patrick Olliffe (P), Tom Nguyen (I), Gabe Eltaeb (C), and Adam Hughes (Cover)
On sale Sept 2
FC, 32 pages
Bounty hunter Barb Wire goes after the lion in its lair when she confronts the drunken powerhouse named Wyvern Stormblüd in his squat—a decaying steel mill almost as hazardous as he is. It's a battle between the swift and smart and the 'faced and ferocious!

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