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Justice League International #24
Justice League International #24
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When DC's Legends Of Tomorrow spins out of Arrow and Flash next year, it will bring together popular guest stars from both shows along with new characters to form the first superteam of CW's DC TV universe.

Ever since the show's announcement and subsequent teaser trailer, fans have clamored for more details about the show. Now, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, DC's Legends Of Tomorrow executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Phil Klemmer are giving fans what they want by revealing new information about CW's newest superhero show.

“The show will contain elements of Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis’ Justice League International run,” said Guggenheim on the tone of the show. Guggenheim also mentioned Dan Jurgens’s 2011 Time Masters: Vanishing Point, which he calls “a good series for its depiction of Rip Hunter and a crazy combination of characters."

Guggenheim also revealed that Hawkman, played by Falk Hentschel on all three shows, would be over 5,000 years old. And, speaking on Hawkgirl, one of the principal cast members of DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, he said that while he could not reveal whether she would have any kind of alien Thanagarian origin,

“You’ll get a clear picture of what her origin story is and you’ll actually get a chance to see it. Fans of the comics will recognize an awful lot. It’s probably one of the more faithful origins that we’ve told.”

Klemmer teased the possibility of losing characters along the way, citing the losses as a possible consequence of time travel. “Some of these characters might not make it for the full trip," Klemmer said, adding that, "some might be lost in time."

As for characters fans may be hoping for on the show, Klemmer has some disappointing new for fans of Rip Hunter's father, Booster Gold.

“I wish I could tease a Booster thing but, you might have to wait a good long while at least on our show. Perhaps Booster is being groomed for bigger things."

Klemmer also addressed new character Jay Jackson, who has remained a mystery to fans, saying, “Jay Jackson is not code for any other DC superhero.”

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow will premiere in 2016, after a crossover between Arrow and Flash that will establish the team, along with the show's primary villain Vandal Savage.

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