FANTASTIC FOUR B-Roll Footage Hints At Cut Scenes & FANTASTI-CAR

"Fantastic Four #3" cover by Jack Kirby
Credit: Jack Kirby (Marvel Comics)

Just days after the release of Fantastic Four, 20th Century Fox has released b-roll footage showing glimpses of the filming -- including scenes that didn't make the final cut. Among the brief scenes are the one of Kate Mara's Sue Storm cradling an injured Johnny Storm (played by Michael B. Jordan), but even more interesting is several scenes showing a car modified (presumably by Miles Teller's Reed Richards). Take a look:


No context is given for these scene, but given the costumes worn by Teller, Mara and Jordan, it would appear to be after Richards escaped from Area 57. While some scenes with the car are in front of a green screen, another appears to be in front of Reed Richards' childhood home.

For those that watched the film, you'll recall that as a child Richards mentioned in class he did work on a hovercar. At the time he said he stopped work on it, but given Johnny Storm's propencity for working on mechanical devices (and especially car's), it's possible an earlier version of the film had a working hover car -- or as called in comic books, the Fantasti-car.

What do you think?

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