Former CAPTAIN MARVEL Artist Calls ALL-NEW WOLVERINE ‘Captain Knifefists’

"All-New Wolverine #1" variant by David Lopez
Credit: David Lopez (Marvel Comics)
Credit: David Lopez & David Navarrot (Marvel Comics)

Wolverine may be dead, but with "All-New All-Different Marvel" she's back.

This fall, Marvel launches All-New Wolverine, a new ongoing series by Tom Taylor, David Lopez and David Navarrot. In it, Laura Kinney -- a.k.a. X-23 -- steps up from being the clone of Wolverine to being Wolverine. The double-bladed mutant is now taking up her adoptive father's legacy after the events of The Death of Wolverine and the Wolverines weekly series.

Details on the series itself are being kept pretty close to the vest by Marvel and its creators, but Newsarama talked with series artist David Lopez to get his impressions of the book. Lopez, who comes off of several years working on Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps, describes Danvers' as "Captain Sparklefists" to the All-New Wolverine lead as "Captain Knifefists."

Credit: David Lopez & David Navarrot (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama: Before we get into the nitty-gritty, David... can you tell us what's on your drawing board right this moment? Give as much detail as you can!

David Lopez: Right now? Well, since the last couple of years there's a huge Cintiq connected to a computer and lots and lots of pixels. But if you ask what am I drawing exactly right now, it's rain. And kick ass Laura action.

Nrama: This fall you're retiring from active Carol Corps duty to draw All-New Wolverine. What was it about the book that made it one you wanted to spend the long days drawing it?

Credit: David Lopez & David Navarrot (Marvel Comics)

Lopez: Really long days… Laura Kinney is a perfect fit for me, she's a lady, she's a mutant (Muties rule!) and she's Wolverine… It's a bit darker than Captain Marvel, which is a change for a while so, good, perfect. 

Nrama: This isn't your first time with Laura, the former X-23. You illustrated part of two issues of X-23 back in 2011. Has that work affected you at all in what you're doing here with All-New Wolverine?

Lopez: It gave me the chance to study a bit the character and think of her as a three dimensional character, knowing what's her deal and knowing some of her fanbase, I remember a convention in Chile where I met some kids cosplaying as her that made me realize how important she is for girls, she's a kick ass role model, is a big responsibility.

Credit: David Lopez & David Navarrot (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: Not much is known about the book, but the idea that Laura is taking up the mantle of Wolverine is a big story in itself. What do you see as the important parts of being "Wolverine," and do you think she fits that mold?

Lopez: Well, she literally was born to fit that mold, she is as much Wolverine as Logan is. What I like the most of working on her solo book as Wolverine is that we can tell the story of Wolverine as Laura that we never had the chance to read of Wolverine as Logan.

Nrama: Given the "Wolverine" name in the title, I can't help but be drawn to thinking of Logan. He's dead, but will his influence be felt in the series from your perspective?

Credit: David Lopez (Marvel Comics)

Lopez: Of course he's a big influence in the book, since he is Wolverine, but Laura is Wolverine too, that's the best part of working in a "shared universe", you can build the story of Marvel through lots of points of view. Now, apart of Laura, Wolverine has become in recent years a huge figure in the mutant community, I think he's more an inspirational model to mutants than what Charles Xavier is at this very moment.

Nrama: From the preview art seen so far, Laura is taking up a costume very close to one Logan wore up until his death. Did you tweak it any, or do you hope or plan to do some as Laura grows into the role?

Lopez: Man, we're very early in her story, give us some time! But that being said, I've sketched some street clothes that I'm quite fond of.

Nrama: In a interview you mentioned some new "baddies" debuting here that you've designed. Can you say anything about the new editions here?

Lopez: How can I say this… they're totally new, but we somehow know them very well. That's saying too much.

Nrama: During your run on Captain Marvel a new group of fans. What would you tell them as they transition with you over to All-New Wolverine?

Lopez: I'd tell them to be prepared to something absolutely different to what they've read in Captain Marvel, different tone, different adventures, different characters, but that they will find some traits in Laura that they loved in Carol. Strong female character, with a heart and guts to defend what she thinks it's right. No more Captain Sparklefists, welcome Captain Knifefists.

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