REAL FAKE HISTORY Reveals The 'True' Story Of AVENGERS' Battle Of New York

Still from 'Avengers'
Still from 'Avengers'
Credit: Marvel Studios

The latest entry in Machinima's Real Fake History, which purports to deliver documentary-style takes on fictional events, provides a street level view of the events of the fateful Battle Of New York from Avengers.

The harrowing (and humorous) "true" story includes one man's account of witnessing the Avengers "just standing around talking" while the Chitauri ravaged New York, along with another woman's tearful story of losing a co-worker to Hulk's rampage, which, according to statistics presented in the clip, claimed the lives of 37 humans and only 11 Chitauri.

Fair warning, there's some NSFW language in the clip.

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