J.J. ABRAMS Broke His Back On STAR WARS Set, ARROW Calls Out WWE's STARDUST, More

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In an interview with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams revealed a serious injury he suffered on the set of the upcoming film. While it's common knowledge that actor Harrison Ford injured his ankle when a hydraulic door malfunctioned, Abrams revealed that he too injured himself while trying to lift the door off of Ford.

"This door had gone down, and I'm trying to lift it up, because that's the kind of guy I am," Abrams told Stewart. "So I'm trying to lift up this door, and I feel this 'pop' in my back...So I go to the doctor a couple days later, and he goes, 'Oh, you have a broken back.'...So a few months later, I'm still wearing this really silly back brace under my shirt. Harrison Ford, from accross the stage, sprints at me faster than I will ever run, and he's like, 'Hey J.J.!' and I'm like, 'Hey Harrison Ford! Oh, it hurts to talk that way.' So I felt like the most nebbishy, Jewish director ever."

Check out the entire interview right here:


Arrow star Stephen Amell and WWE wrestler Stardust have had a back and forth going on for months now, ever since Stardust taunted Amell during an episode of WWE Raw.

Well, now, Stardust took things one step too far - at least according to Amell.

At a taping of WWE Smackdown which aired Thursday, Stardust taunted his opponent R. Truth with the phrase, "You have failed this city" - a line that Arrow fans are sure to recognize.

" R-Truth - WWE Universe, you have FAILED this city! So come on Neville... #BeMyHero!" - Stardust - WWE Universe #SmackDownTune into WWE SmackDown NOW on Syfy!

Posted by WWE on Thursday, July 30, 2015

It didn't take long for Amell to respond via Twitter, with the following taunt of his own.

While nothing is official, rumors have been swirling that Amell himself might step into the ring - possibly as Arrow - to challenge Stardust directly.

Arrow season 4 premieres October 7, 2015 on CW.


Check out a new clip from Disney XD's Guardians of the Galaxy animated series that features the first meeting between Peter Quill and his surrogate father Yondu.

Guardians of the Galaxy premieres September 26 on Disney XD.


While Tron 3 has been scuttled by Disney, many fans have held out hope that a new sequel could still happen some day. After all, it took almost 30 years for Tron: Legacy to make it to the big screen.

But if Tron 3 ever does happen, it looks like it will have to be without one of the franchise's major players.

“I don’t really care anymore,” Bruce Boxleitner, who played Alan Bradley in Tron and Tron: Legacy told SlashFilm. “I’m done with it. I’ve moved on. I hate to say that but it’s been too up and down for me. I would rather not just keep going. I don’t want to repeat my career anymore. That’d be like, ‘Let’s reboot Scarecrow and Mrs. King.’ No, I’m not interested. Or Babylon 5.”

“[I was] very much surprised,” Boxleitner said of Tron 3's cancellation. “Not that I was privy to anything, but once in a while I got little snippets of information. Since we shoot Cedar Cove in Vancouver, I did hear a lot from up there. There’s several publications and blogs that are about what jobs are coming, what films are in preproduction, stuff like that. Tron was always on those lists. They were very close to actually shooting.”

“It breaks my heart,” he continued, “but I understand the times move on. Disney, it’s not in their [wheelhouse] anymore. The animated series [had] a lot of promise, they didn’t stick with that either. I don’t think they really want it anymore. I think they’ve got Star Wars. They’ve got Marvel. Tron: Legacy was successful. I’m not sure that they really had that much interest anymore. I hate to say that because I think there’s a lot more to go.”

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