Dynamite's Buck Rogers #0 in Stores for FCBD

Buck Rogers #0

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that it will ship its introductory issue of its new Buck Rogers series, Buck Rogers #0 on May 2nd, a date chosen so that the issue with a 25-cent cover price can be in stores in time for Free Comic Book Day.

As we've reported, the series is written by Scott Beatty, with interior art by Carlos Rafael and covers by John Cassaday and Alex Ross.

The publisher shared early reaction to the issue and the decision to release to issue in time for FCBD:

"I am really glad to see classic sci-fi characters like Buck Rogers being reintroduced to today's comic fans… Dynamite is really building strong readership with a diverse product line of new cutting-edge and iconic titles." - Ryan Liebowitz, Golden Apple

"What a great Free Comic Book Day offering! There's hardly anyone alive who hasn't heard of Buck Rogers, so the audience appeal for this book will be enormous--and the price makes it more affordable than most FCBD offerings! We're so confident in this book, that we would have ordered enough to give away on it's own, but now, we're ordering lots more. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is great--and Buck Rogers in the 25-Cent-ury is even better!" - Cliff Biggers Dr. No's Comics

"Dynamite launching BUCK ROGERS for 25 cents --- and just in time for Free Comic Book Day? What's not to like? This one's going to be an intergalactic hit!" - Joe Field, Flying Colors Comics

"With the fine pencil work of Carlos Rafael, design work by Alex Ross and the writing of Scott Beatty, Buck Rogers is a can't-miss! Make sure to check out the amazing John Cassaday cover on issue #0 and the Ross AND Cassaday COVERS on issue #1 that will have fans buzzing." - Jim Demonakos, ECCC Organizer

"The new Buck Rogers #0 is a great opportunity to turn a non-comic buyer into a comic buyer. We will be ordering tons of these since the cover price is just 25 cents, and we will be giving them away on Free Comic Book Day to get people hooked." Comic Central1425 WP Ball Blvd, Sanford, FL 32771 comic-central.com

Buck Rogers is back in the 21st Century and I'm pretty excited! Dynamite has a great roster of pulp characters, and Buck only adds to that family! Can't wait! - Vito Delsanto, Events Coordinator/Manager

"Buck Rogers for a quarter?! Seriously? Way to go Dynamite, rolling prices back to those of the 70's with the launch of the original space man, Buck Rogers. Surely they have noticed that the reading public is looking for a bargain in these stressing economic times and they filling that demand with some true escapist fantasy in the form of a hero from our past. I can't wait to see the direction that Scott Beatty & Carlos Rafeal take this science fiction icon.

"Sweet cover for #0 by John Cassaday. And I hear that #1 will have another Cassaday cover with an alternate cover by Alex Ross. Got to love that. At this price we'll be ordering a few hundred extra copies to pass out to our regular customers and all of those new readers that will be stopping by for Free Comic Book Day, May 2nd." - Bob Hoskins - all around nice guy and owner of Stormwatch Comics on Route 73

"Dynamite Entertainment has done a fantastic job in bringing classic characters to a modern audience and that should continue with Buck Rogers. I expect big things from this book. And at only a quarter, how can you not give it a try?" - Roger Ash, Content Editor, Westfield Comics (WestfieldComics.com)

"We were really excited to hear that Dynamite's "25 cents for the 25th century" Buck Rogers #0 preview book will be shipping in time for Free Comic Book Day. We've ordered thousands of these books to give away for the first few months of the series, which will give it a big push and expose a lot of folks to a new title.

The book's sold at a fantastic price, and all our stores are looking forward to this new series. John Cassaday is a fan favorite here, so we know the covers and his character designs will rock, and Carlos Rafael's work on Battlestar Galactica bodes well for the interiors!

And the Cherry on Top! Alex Ross and John Cassaday creating covers for issue #1!!! You can't beat that!" - Chris Powell - Lone Star Comics and Comics Pro!

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