First Look: Aspen's FCBD 'Worlds of Aspen #4'

First Look: Worlds of Aspen #4

Worlds of Aspen #4

Aspen has provided Newsarama with a first look at it's Free Comic Book Day offering: Worlds of Aspen #4. The press release for the issue reads:

To celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2009, Aspen Comics will be showcasing two brand new Aspen titles, including the all new action-adventure property Executive Assistant: Iris. Created by David Wohl and Michael Turner, and written by Wohl with art by

Executive Assistant Iris

Eduardo Francisco and John Starr, Iris tells the story of a young woman enslaved into a life of corporate power, corruption, and murder, and the moral choices she must make in order to ensure her very survival. Aspen’s Free Comic Book Day offering Worlds of Aspen will preview pages from the zero issue of this all-new series.

Aspen will also be releasing never before seen pages from the first issue of the long-awaited mini-series Soulfire: New World Order by J.T. Krul and Francisco Herrera. Following the events of Soulfire: Volume One and bridging the gap before the start of Soulfire: Volume Two, Soulfire: New World Order reveals a world where magic not only lives—but flourishes, and the dangers inherent in such a world. Both Executive Assistant: Iris and Soulfire: New World Order will be released in early summer from Aspen.

Fathom, volume 3

In addition to the two new series, Aspen is pleased to include previews of their current flagship titles Fathom: Volume Three and Soulfire: Volume One. Fathom: Volume Three is written by J.T Krul with art by Ale Garza. The special Worlds of Aspen preview includes a look at the action-packed issue six of the series while the Soulfire preview, also by Krul, reveals the first look at the new Soulfire: Volume One art team of Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald.

Aspen artists JT Krul, Joe Benitez, and David Wohl will also be celebrating Free Comic Book Day 2009 and the release of Worlds of Aspen #4 at Collector’s Paradise in Southern California on May 2nd. They will be signing copies of the book and participating in a host of FCBD events including a charity benefit party for the Hero Initiative and a live Ebay auction featuring exciting and rare collectibles starting the Monday before the event, with proceeds going to the Heroes Initiative. For more information on Worlds of Aspen #4 please check and for more info on the signing check


Soulfire: New World Order

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