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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

After being leaked and then officially mentioned at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Marvel is now officially announcing (via ComicBook) a new Spider-Man series by Supernatural writer/producer Robbie Thompson and artist Nick Bradshaw called Spidey. Described by Marvel earlier this month as a series showing Spider-Man "before he was Amazing," Spidey features a look at Peter Parker's high school years in his early days of being a hero.

"It’s Spidey! In High School! Learning to be a hero! All done by amazing artist Nick Bradshaw! ‘Nuff said!," Thompson told ComicBook.

But the Supernatural scribe did say more, revealing that those elements were already in place when he was asked to audition for the title.

"[Senior Editor Nick Lowe] had a such a strong sense of what he wanted the book to be and where we could take it, and I couldn’t wait to pitch on the book," said the writer. "I’m in his debt once again for putting me on the Spidey team."

"I think the book is actually best summed up in the tagline Marvel created for it: 'before he was Amazing... he was Spidey.'" added Thompson. "For me, that’s been a huge appeal of working on the book -- getting to go back to the high school years and shine a light on the early days of Peter Parker’s journey to becoming Spider-Man and doing it in an old school fashion -- single issues, each one telling their own story."

Thompson says that the jet-setting Peter Parker of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man is far different from the teenage Parker to be seen in Spidey. When asked to compare the two, the Supernatural writer said it comes down to confidence and experience.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"I think the biggest difference is experience and the confidence that comes with that. Peter Parker of today has been through so many epic adventures, had so many victories, and so many personal losses," he explaned. "Whereas younger Peter is just beginning. Power and Responsibility are things that Peter is just learning how to balance in high school. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but one that he’ll always find a way to get through."

Although the preview pages shown today recount some of Peter Parker's early pivotal moments, Thompson says with the Spidey series he and Marvel aren't "seeking to re-tell any stories per se, or do direct adaptations."

Credit: Marvel Comics

"But rather, [we're capturing] the tone and feeling of the original Lee/Ditko comics," Thompson explained. "Our goal is to make a fun book, a hopeful book, that someone coming off, say a Marvel movie with Spider-Man in it, can understand very easily."

The Spidey series will focus on Peter Parker back when he was 15, only just having begun as Spider-Man. Each issue will recap Spider-Man's origin, but the story itself will be fresh and new -- including one with the villain Doctor Octopus.

"It’s all in the mold of traditional, old school Marvel books -- no matter what number is on the cover: each issue may be the reader’s first issue," Thompson said. "This is the best entry point for our stories because Spider-Man is still new to all of this. He’s still getting his bearings and isn’t tied to any longer stories or history just yet -- he got bit by a radioactive spider, he tragically lost uncle and now he’s vowed to learn what it means to have great power and great responsibility."

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