Report: HAWKMAN Coming to FLASH and ARROW

Page from "Wednesday Comics" by Kyle Baker
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Entertainment Weekly reports that Carter Hall, A.K.A. Hawkman, is coming to Arrow and Flash before he appears in the spin-off DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

The report describes Hawkman as “charismatic and wise beyond his years, Hawkman is a natural-born leader with an abundance of charm and confidence—well, that’s because he’s 5,000 years old.” Hawkman will also reportedly retain the memories from his many resurrections, unlike Hawkgirl who will have no memory of her past lives or even Hawkman when the pair meet. Hawkgirl was previously mentioned in season one of Flash, in the episode "The Trap."

No casting was included in the report, and CW has yet to confirm Hawkman's involvement in Flash or Arrow. Flash season 2 premieres on October 6, 2015, followed by Arrow on October 7, 2015. DC's Legends Of Tomorrow is slated to air in 2016.

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