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Ant-Man Character Posters
Ant-Man Character Posters
Credit: Marvel Studios

One of the big unsolved mysteries from Marvel Studios' Ant-Man movie was the final fate of Janet Van Dyne, a.k.a. the Wasp -- and while it hasn't been revealed if she's alive or dead from entering the Quantum Realm, her on-screen daughter Hope Van Dyne (played by Evangeline Lilly) is holding out hope.

"Marvel hasn’t told me, but I kind of, again, fabricating my own… I think that she could be [alive] and that it could be a great," Lilly told Cinemablend. "I mean, I would love to see a storyline where Hope somehow, I don’t know, tries to find her mom or meets her or something happens where there’s some amazing reunion. I think that would be super cool, and I have my dream casting already, for my mom."

Credit: Marvel Comics

Michael Douglas has already stated his vote for his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones to play the role, but Lilly has someone else in mind; someone with past in superhero movies.

"It’s got to be Michelle Pfeiffer," Lilly said. When the interviewer brought up Pfeiffer's previous role as Catwoman in Batman Returns, the former Lost star reveals that it's that previous superhero role that provoked her to want the actress to play Janet Van Dyne.

"That was my favorite of all time of all the comic book female characters, but Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. Not just anybody or anything, not even like in the comic books, Michelle Pfeiffer," Lilly explained.

Pfeiffer is an interesting choice to play Janet Van Dyne, and the two actresses age diverse -- Lilly, 35, and Pfieffer, 57 -- fit as a daughter and mother; more so than Douglas' dream-casting of Zeta-Jones, who is 45. But given time has no meaning in the MCU Quantum Zone, it's conceivable that Janet Van Dyne -- whomever they chose to cast -- could be the same age as she was when she entered back in 1989.

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